Are these programmes a small part of your job, but using them takes up a HUGE amount of YOUR time?

Or are you already comfortable with them, but would like to take your knowledge to another level?

Do you need to learn quickly?

Then jump right in to the videos you need!

Videos are, on average, 4 mins long and you can download the files and work along with them – view courses.

Prefer to learn in an organised manner?

Then pace yourself lesson by lesson through our structured courses.

Whether your need is to calculate without using a calculator and to present that data in a simple way – OR – you need to learn PivotTables right now!  Then WE are the perfect match for YOU!

There are over 1,500 videos to choose from!

Not sure where to start?

Then start by clicking here to view some free Sample Videos.

Or take a look at our ‘Keep it Simple‘ blog, where we post simple tips that will make a difference to you, every day.

The Back Story

Although we’ve been training for over 20 years, it was back in January 2000 when we set up KM Computer Services Ltd. We were passionate about training and learning – and the empowerment it generated for people.

Working closely with Learning & Development and Talent Managers, we created content and customised material to suit specific requirements and sectors. Not only did we deliver tutor-led training, we were now supporting the learning process at individual, team and organisation level.

And so to Knowledge Market, a natural extension and progression of our training organisation. We were wary of the sometimes straight-jacketed approach we had encountered with online learning. Sometimes the structure was stifling and rigid. Sometimes the delivery meandered. And sometimes the content was poor.

Our thinking here was to provide concise information through videos which can be accessed at the time of need and the point of interest. Yes, people can develop their expertise by taking our courses topic by topic and lesson by lesson but – and this is one of our driving goals – they can also dip in and quickly learn a particular Desktop Application feature precisely when they need to.


Picture of Kelly


Picture of Alan


Picture of Bríd


Picture of Elmo the cat at the keyboard


Picture of Oscar the cat, sitting down

Victoria Falls

Picture of Alan and Kelly at Victoria Falls

Who Are We?

Well, I’m Kelly and I created the MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word videos.

I’ve been delivering tutor-led training to individuals and organisations for over 20 years. Sometimes, I can’t believe that, but it’s true!

Creating videos is my thing because it is such a wonderful way to learn. I have learnt so much through video myself and not just Computer Applications. I have spent MANY hours learning different crafts, such as Pottery, Jewellery and Card Making, so I know how important it is to access good content that is instructive and well made.

Alan is my husband and he created the MS Project videos.

Alan is a relative newbie as he’s only been delivering tutor-led training for a mere 18 years…sniff! (I’m really not that competitive!). Prior to that he was an Engineer and a Project Manager for 20 years, so his main focus is teaching Project Management.

Bríd is our video editor. She has spent more than 3 years working on these videos. She does a wonderful job but is very shy and really didn’t want her picture on the site.  Now I’m starting to feel mean…

Elmo and Oscar are our two cats and they love to sit with Bríd as she’s working. In fact Elmo is a bit of a know-it-all and sometimes butts in and tries to show Bríd how to do it!

When we’re not working we love to travel, though never as much as we’d like. Africa is a huge favourite, with our last trip taking in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.

So many wonderful places to visit and so little time!

The Blood, the Sweat and the Tears

Along the way we have picked up some certifications such as Microsoft Office Specialist, Expert and Master. A Post Grad Diploma in TV and Radio Production. A Masters Degree in Project Management and Certifications such as the Project Management Institutes Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP-PMI)® and Certified ScrumMaster®.

Training Credentials such as the Certificate in Training and Continuing Education from the National University of Ireland and the CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) are also in the bag.

But more than this we have worked in organisations and used these Desktop Applications as tools of the trade through all the versions and levels …. and we still love to learn!

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