Excel – Display Two Copies of the Same Workbook

An alternative to applying a Split Screen is to display your worksheet twice – or side by side – on the same screen. Learn the steps here.


Word – Four Ways to Create a Table

Who knew there were so many ways to create a Table?  This video shows you four!  Two ways to create a new blank Table, one way to create a Table based on existing information and one way to create a Calendar Table.


PowerPoint – Insert a Video From YouTube

We love video, here in Knowledge Market (Did you notice?)

This video shows you the steps to insert a video from YouTube. But, be warned, just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should!  So this video will also explain why it’s not always a good idea.


Excel – Sort by Colour

Have you got your sunglasses at the ready?

Here’s a different approach to sorting. You may have used a Fill or Font colour to highlight certain information in your data. You can now sort that data by colour.


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Excel – Excellent understanding of how and when to use each function. Kelly gave us lots of helpful tips to use in everyday scenarios.

Claire M

Word Course – I gained a full understanding of Themes and Styles as well as some short-cuts not known.  Excellent training, would highly recommend Kelly.

Sandra M.

PowerPoint Course – I learned so many tips and tricks, it was great!
Mary D.

Project Course – Alan is a really good instructor, very approachable and knowledgeable.  He was very good and informative and I appreciated the real-life tips on how best to use MS Project and what to avoid.

Frank H.

Project Course – Thank you very much! Great course, really enjoyed the content and felt that all my questions were answered. Looking forward to applying my new knowledge at work!

David C.

Project Course – Alan has a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and good ability to communicate this

Vanessa R.