Word Tip – Quickly Insert Columns & Rows into a Table

It is October 1st and it's looking...sad... outside! But here's something to help brighten the day - it's time for another 'Keep it Simple' tip! Yaaay! This month it is Word and we're looking at how you can very quickly add multiple columns and rows to a table.

Excel Tip – Use the F4 Key as a Repeat

It is September 1st which means... yes...you know what it means! It's time for another 'Keep it Simple' tip! This month it is Excel and we're looking at another use for the F4 key - and this time it's to show you how to use it to repeat an action that you've taken.

PowerPoint Tip – Save a Presentation as a Show

It is August 1st, the sun is shining and we're heading into a Bank Holiday. Sigh. Can life get much better? Yes, you know it can because I've said it before! Because a new month also means that it is time for a new 'Keep it Simple' tip. Yaaaay!

Word Tip – Use the Calculator in Word

Can you believe it is July already? And now you've just discovered that Word has a Calculator! Life just keeps on getting better! So, a new month also means that it is time for a new 'Keep it Simple' tip. Yaaaay!

Excel Tip – Pick From a List (on the fly!)

It's the beginning of June, another Bank Holiday is here, but the weather is... well... miserable might be a good word to describe it! Don't despair though, because it's also time for a new 'Keep it Simple' tip. Yaaaay! I've got a fabulous Excel tip for you that will help chase away the bad weather blues (there's a song in that somewhere...)

PowerPoint Tip – Two Ways to Reorder a List

May has arrived (where is the time going?) and the sun is shining after all the rain of yesterday, so bring on the Summer! As you know the beginning of May brings on a Bank Holiday (wooohoooooo!), but it also means that it is time for a new ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip. Yaaaay! This month […]

Word Tip – Quickly Increase/Decrease Font Size

April is here, the sun has been shining and Ireland can feel the tease of summer poking it’s gorgeous head around the corner! Roll on the summer! But the beginning of a new month also means that it is time for a new ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip. Yaaaay! This month we’re looking at a Word […]

Excel Tip – Swap Excel Columns Around

That was a quick month! Swapping columns around is something that we do all the time in Excel. But it’s the way that we do it.  What I usually see is people inserting a blank column, moving the data to that new column, then deleting the old column. That’s a lot of work! This is […]

PowerPoint Tip – Ungroup SmartArt

Yes, I've added in yet another Tip, this time in PowerPoint, to give you even more to view! This will be it though, until the beginning of the next month (only a week away!). This tip will show you how we can take apart the elements in a SmartArt graphic – by Ungrouping them. This is a simple tip that will make a difference to you, every day.

Word Tip – Keyboard Shortcut to Delete a Word

Even though a month hasn't passed, I'm going to add in an extra tip, this one in Word, just so you have a few different tips to get started with. It's quick and most importantly, it will be one you use constantly and one that you'll find does make a difference to you, every day

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Excel Course – I really thought I knew Excel until I went on the course.  Lot’s of techniques to reduce time and effort.  Most enjoyable and well worth while. Thanks Kelly!

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PowerPoint Course – I learned so many tips and tricks, it was great!

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Excel Course – I got a greater understanding of the basic functions and abilities of Excel, and the importance of structure and layout of data in the spreadsheet.

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