Create a Basic PivotTable

Now that you know the best way to set up the data I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to create a basic PivotTable, using that data.


PivotTables are a wonderful and very powerful database feature in Excel, but they are not the only story.  Don’t forget to look up all those many other database features such as Sorting, Filtering, Subtotalling and Grouping.

Then there are all those wonderful functions that help to automate your worksheets!

If you’re going to be using Excel regularly (and I hope you are!) then it’s really worth taking the time to learn all those wonderful features that are contained in it.

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Excel Course – I really enjoyed the training as it met all my objectives while providing valuable insights into the topics I thought I already knew. Made Excel much easier by charting out the logic. Thanks Kelly!
Shubhangi S.
Excel Course – I got a greater understanding of the basic functions and abilities of Excel, and the importance of structure and layout of data in the spreadsheet.
Tim F.