Excel 365/2016

Excel PivotTables – 33 Videos

The PivotTable Challenge – 2 hours to become a PivotTable Guru! 33 videos – all you need to know about PivotTables!


Excel 365/2016 Level 3

The videos in this suite of Lessons are for those who wish to delve deeper. Specifically through PivotTables you will enhance the presentation and organisation of your data. Investigate also the value of the LOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH functions and learn to provide focus to text and figures through Conditional Formatting.


Excel 365/2016 Level 2

Excel 365/2016 Level 2 is suitable for those who are familiar with the topics on the Level 1 course and/or those who are self-taught and would like to pick up some tips. Even if you work with a different version of Excel, there are many videos that cross those boundaries.


Excel 365/2016 Level 1

Excel 365/2016 Level 1 is suitable for those who are coming to Excel for the first time or for those who are self-taught and would like to pick up best practice techniques. This course will also be of value for those who are migrating from an earlier version of Excel or for those who would […]


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