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Hi, I’m Kelly, and you’re very welcome to this 1st video in a series of 4 free videos on creating a basic PivotTable.

Each video builds on the previous video, adding something new to the PivotTable that I create.


As an Excel training instructor, I’ve found that regardless of whether I’m training at an Introductory level or an Advanced level, PivotTables are the most sought after feature. This can place great pressure on employees especially if they don’t feel confidant using Excel.

Does that sound like you? Well if it does, then you’re in the right place because I’m here to ease that pressure!

It’s important to know that data to be used in a PivotTable needs to be structured in a way that Excel understands, or it just won’t work properly.

So, this video contains an explanation of the best way to set up that data, so that you can maximise the potential of a PivotTable.

I’ll also explain why it might be to your benefit, to set up the data as a Table, before creating a PivotTable.


Hi, I'm Kelly!

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Excel Course – I gained an excellent understanding of how and when to use each function. Lots of helpful tips to use in everyday scenarios.
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Excel Course – All good, Kelly is an excellent trainer.
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Excel Course – Very useful course that I would recommend to other colleagues.
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