Create a PivotTable in less than 2 Minutes!


Whether I’m training people at an Introductory level in Excel or at an Advanced level, PivotTables are always the most sought after feature.

So, this video will give you a quick taste of how to create a basic PivotTable!

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If that has whet your appetite – then you can have 4 more free videos on PivotTables!

  • Understand how data should be structured
  • The PivotTable is created
  • A Currency Style is applied to the Pivot data
  • Pivot data is grouped by Date

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Excel Course – I really enjoyed the training as it met all my objectives while providing valuable insights into the topics I thought I already knew. Made Excel much easier by charting out the logic. Thanks Kelly!
Shubhangi S.
Excel Course – Very useful course that I would recommend to other colleagues.
Enda H.
Excel Course – I gained an excellent understanding of how and when to use each function. Lots of helpful tips to use in everyday scenarios.
Claire M