September 2019 – Word – Two Ways to Remove Formatting

Welcome to the Tip of the Month for September!

This tip shows you two ways to quickly remove formatting using the Keyboard and the Ribbon! Enjoy!

August 2019 – PowerPoint – Save Your Presentation as a Show

Welcome to the Tip of the Month for August!

This tip shows you how to get into Presentation mode, without people seeing you select Presentation mode!. Enjoy!

July 2019 – Excel – View Formulas

Welcome to the Tip of the Month for July!

This tip allows you to very quickly view all the Formulas contained on the Worksheet. Enjoy!

June 2019 – Word – Use the Calculator

Welcome to the Tip of the Month for June!

Did you know that there is a calculator in Word?  Well there is, and it allows you to calculate, on the fly!


May 2019 – PowerPoint – Two Ways to Reorder a List

Welcome to the Tip of the Month for May!

Whether you’re working with Bullets or Numbers, it’s good to have a quick way to reorder the list that you create. This gives you two ways! Enjoy!

April 2019 – Excel – Quickly Pick from a List

Welcome to the Tip of the Month for April!

This tip allows you to pick from a list on the fly, without having first created a drop-down list. Enjoy!

March 2019 – Word – Quickly Increase/Decrease the Font Size

Welcome to the Tip of the Month for March!

This tip gives you two ways to Increase or Decrease the Font Size, either using the Keyboard or using the Mouse. Enjoy!

February 2019 – PowerPoint – A Shortcut to the Slide Master

Welcome to the Tip of the Month for February!

If you use the Slide Master regularly, as I do, then it’s handy to have a quick way to access the Slide Master, rather than going through the View menu. Enjoy!

January 2019 – Excel – Use the F4 Key as a Repeat

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the first Tip of the Month for 2019!

This is a really lovely Excel tip using the F4 key in a different way than you might be used to.  You already know how to use it when dealing with Absolutes, but did you know that it can also be used to repeat your last action?  Sit back and watch and prepare to be amazed! Enjoy!

Christmas Bonus Tip – Delete a Word, in Word, Using the Keyboard

It’s nearly Christmas and that means we’ve decided to give you an early present of an extra tip!

This time it is a Word tip showing you how to use a keyboard shortcut to quickly delete a word as you are typing, rather than pressing Backspace, Backspace, Backspace, Backspace…. Enjoy!

December 2018 – PowerPoint – Ungroup SmartArt

Welcome to Tip of the Month for December!

This month we have a PowerPoint tip that shows you how to take an existing SmartArt graphic and ungroup it so that you can manipulate the pieces that make up the SmartArt, in the way the you want. Enjoy!

November 2018 – Swap Excel Columns Around

Welcome to Tip of the Month for November!

We have another Excel tip that shows a quick and nifty way of swapping around Excel columns, using a combination of the keyboard and the mouse. You’ll love it!

October 2018 – Excel – Double Keyboard Tip

Welcome to Tip of the Month for October!

Today we’re looking at how to sum a column using the keyboard.  Because I am a bit of a keyboard ‘nerd’, I managed to slip in a second keyboard tip and I know you’ll just love it!


PowerPoint Course – I learned so many tips and tricks, it was great!
Mary D.
Excel Course – I got a greater understanding of the basic functions and abilities of Excel, and the importance of structure and layout of data in the spreadsheet.
Tim F.
Project Course – Alan is a really good instructor, very approachable and knowledgeable.  He was very good and informative and I appreciated the real-life tips on how best to use MS Project and what to avoid.
Frank H.
Word Course – I gained a full understanding of Themes and Styles as well as some short-cuts not known.  Excellent training, would highly recommend Kelly.
Sandra M.
Excel Course – I really thought I knew Excel until I went on the course.  Lot’s of techniques to reduce time and effort.  Most enjoyable and well worth while. Thanks Kelly!
Mary R.
Excel Course – A very useful course that I would recommend to other colleagues.
Enda H.
Excel Course – Previously, if I couldn’t gat my formula to work, I abandoned it and resorted back to more manual ways of doing my calculations.  Not any more!  I actually understand how they work now!  This means reduced workload and increased productivity.  Happy me and very happy boss!
Jennifer F.