Excel 2013

Excel 2013 – 1.4.5 – Convert Single Numbers to Text

Occasionally data presented in Excel is poorly designed and structured. Bad design can lead to serious errors when performing calculations. In this video we demonstrate a typical result of bad design – where Text is mistaken for number Values – and how to correct it.


Excel 2013 – 1.4.4 – Understand Absolute Calculation

Need to calculate figures based on set values such as Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Sales Commissions, Exchange Rates etc? Learn how to set up an Absolute Calculation – and use the F4 key – to quickly create and apply your formula.


Excel 2013 – 1.4.3 – When NOT to use Relative Calculation

Discover when using the Fill Handle and Relative Calculations how Excel can produce the wrong results.


Excel 2013 – 1.4.2 – Relative Calculation Problem

In this video you will discover how Relative References can produce the wrong information in Excel. But you will also learn how to anticipate and correct calculation problems caused by Relative References.


Excel 2013 – 1.4.1 – How Relative Calculations Work

The concept of Relative References when performing Excel calculations can be a bit confusing. In this video we explain what Relative Referencing means and provide a simple guide to Relative Calculations in Excel.


Excel 2013 – 1.3.8 – Calculating Functions by Row

Have you ever needed to use the AutoSum, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX or MIN Functions across a Row of data – instead of on a Column? Learn how to effectively select the correct data range to apply these functions to.


Excel 2013 – 1.3.7 – How to use the COUNTBLANK Function

Have you ever wondered how to find the amount of blank cells that are contained in your data? In this short video we show you how to apply the COUNTBLANK Function to return the number of blank cells in a selection.


Excel 2013 – 1.3.6 – How to use the COUNTA Function

In this video you will discover how to use the COUNTA Function to count both numbers and text in cells – but not blank cells! You will also learn how to use the Insert Function command (or fx) to apply Excel Functions.


Excel 2013 – 1.3.5 – How to use the COUNT (Numbers) Function

Watch this short video to learn how to correctly use the COUNT Function when applied to a set of numbers.


Excel 2013 – 1.3.4 – How to use the MIN Function

Do you need to find the lowest value in a column? Learn how to use the MIN Function and to effectively select the correct data range.


Excel 2013 – 1.3.3 – How to use the MAX Function

Ever wondered how to find the maximum value in a column? Here we show you how to use the MAX Function and how to effectively select the correct data range.


Excel 2013 – 1.3.2 – How to use the AVERAGE Function

In this video you will learn how to apply the AVERAGE Function and effectively select the correct data range.


Excel 2013 – 1.3.1 – How to use the AutoSum Function

The AutoSum feature enables the fast application of the ‘Addition Function’. Rather than adding each individual entry in your spreadsheet, AutoSum facilitates ‘summing’ a large range of data with two mouse clicks.


Excel 2013 – 1.2.8 – Calculate the % Difference Between Two Values

Watch this short video and learn how to calculate the percentage difference between two values, e.g., the difference in sales between two years.


Excel 2013 – 1.2.7 – Understand the Order of Operations

Have you found that Excel sometimes produces a different answer than what you would expect? Find out how Excel orders calculations and discover what the acronym BOMDAS means.


Excel 2013 – 1.2.6 – Understand Calculation Mode

Watch this video and discover what it is meant by Calculation Mode – and get a better understanding of how Excel works when calculating values.


Excel 2013 – 1.2.5 – Calculate a % Of

Ever wondered how to calculate a percentage value of a number? Here we explain how – using Division, Number Formatting and Rounding – you can calculate a % value.


Excel 2013 – 1.2.4 – Division using a Formula

In this video we demonstrate how to divide in Excel by setting up a simple formula.


Excel 2013 – 1.2.3 – Multiplication using a Formula

Discover how – using the * symbol – you can multiply values in your Excel Spreadsheet.


Excel 2013 – 1.2.2 – Subtraction using a Formula

Watch this short video and learn how to subtract values using a basic subtraction formula.


Excel 2013 – 1.2.1 – Addition using a Formula

In this video we show you how to create a simple formula to perform an Addition.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.10 – Using Help

Watch this video and discover how specific you need to be when searching for information using the Microsoft Help feature. Or …. why not search through your video library on the Knowledge Market site? Simply type your topic into the ‘COURSE OR SUBJECT SEARCH’ box below this video.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.9 – Saving a Workbook

Now that you have begun working with Excel, watch this video to learn how to Save your information. Discover also how to create a Folder in a particular location on your computer.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.8 – Issues with Deleting Content and Formats

Deleting in Excel is not as straightforward as it might appear! By using the ‘Clear’ set of commands, find out how you can remove data or remove cell formats from an Excel Spreadsheet.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.7 – Using Undo and Redo

Don’t panic! Use the ‘Undo’ button to go back a step (or a few steps) if you’ve made a mistake or would like to take different options. Gone back too far? Use ‘Redo’ to step forward and return to where you want to be.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.6 – Basic Keyboard Selection Techniques

Discover in this video some quick and easy ways to select specific Excel data using your Keyboard.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.5 – Basic Keyboard Navigation Techniques

In this video we show you some basic keyboard navigation techniques in Microsoft Excel. You will also learn how to quickly move from Worksheet to Worksheet.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.4 – Basic Entering and Editing of Data

Take a look at this video and learn how – by using the Enter and Tab keys on the keyboard – you can efficiently enter information in Excel.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.3 – Customise the Ribbon

Do you find yourself continuously searching through the Ribbon Tabs to find commands that you use regularly? Discover in this video how to create your own Tab and Ribbon content.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.2 – Customise the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is a customisable toolbar that provides access to a set of commands that you frequently use. This feature saves you time searching through the Office Ribbon. You can easily add the buttons for your frequently used commands and position the QAT above or below the Ribbon.


Excel 2013 – 1.1.1 – Customise the Start Screen

Don’t wish to be brought to the Start Screen every time you launch Excel? Watch this short video and learn how to start Excel with a blank Workbook


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