PowerPoint 2010 – 2.2.9 – Change or Edit a Shape

If you have the wrong Shape on the screen, you can substitute it for another one, without having to delete the original first. If you want to ‘adjust’ a Shape to create a completely new Shape, you can do that too!


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.2.8 – Rotate and Flip Shapes

Learn the different options that are available for Rotating an object – or even for Flipping it over!


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.2.7 – Align Shapes

Watch this video to discover the different ways you can quickly line up your Shapes.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.2.6 – Group and Ungroup Shapes

Individual objects can be Grouped together to make a single object. This video shows you how to Group 4 objects together – then how to Ungroup them.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.2.5 – Layer and Order Shapes

If you put out multiple Shapes onto a slide, you might not be aware that they ‘layer’ in the order they are brought out. This video shows you how you can re-order those layers, if you need to position them on top of each other.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.2.4 – Duplicate Shapes Repeatedly

This video shows two ways to create a copy of a Shape, but the second way includes a tip to quickly repeat that second Shape and its distance from the original.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.2.2 – Trick to Create Squares from Rectangles

If you want to create a perfect circle using Shapes, then this video will show you how to do just that.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.2.1 – Trick to Create Circles from Ovals

If you want to create a perfect square using Shapes, then this video will show you how to do just that.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.1.6 – Selection Tip

Sometimes when you select bulleted text, it all goes horribly wrong! This is a tip to show you how to avoid those problems.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.1.5 – Move Text Away from a Bullet

If you don’t want to shrink the size of the bullets, then you need to move the text away from those bullets. This video shows you how this is done.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.1.4 – Resize a bullet

When you change the type of bullet you use, you’ll find that the new bullets are quite large. This video will show you how to resize those bullets.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.1.3 – Change the Bullet Colour

Do bullets really need to be black? No, they don’t! Let’s see how we can change the bullet colour.


PowerPoint 2010 – 2.1.2 – Apply a Downloaded Bullet

Has your company purchased bullets from an Internet site? If so, this video shows you how to apply them.


PowerPoint 2010 – 1.2.5 – Indenting Bulleted text using the Keyboard

In this short video discover a simple technique to indent (or outdent!) bulleted text on your PowerPoint slide


PowerPoint 2010 – 1.2.4 – Create and then Indent Bulleted text using the Ribbon

Bullet Points – probably the most common method used to present information. In this video learn a technique to quickly create and then indent Bullet Points.  


PowerPoint 2010 – 1.2.3 – Format the Title Slide

In this video learn the tips and techniques you can use to apply formatting to a text box – in particular the Title Slide    


PowerPoint 2010 – 1.2.2 – Selecting Text Boxes in PowerPoint

Discover some simple techniques to help you select Text Boxes in PowerPoint


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