PowerPoint Tip – Quickly Select Multiple Shapes

It’s August, the weather is…not the best…but not the worst. The world is still in a strange place and we need something to lift our spirits, so bring on the ‘Keep it Simple’ tip!

This month it is a PowerPoint tip showing a quick way of selecting all kinds of shapes!

You can view the video or follow the step-by-step shown underneath.

Enjoy and remember: Keep it Simple!


Today, we’re looking at PowerPoint!

Step 1

  • If I want to select all the shapes that are currently on the screen, then a quick way to do that is to drag an ‘invisible boxaround those shapes.
  • Text saying: this also works with Text Boxes, Pictures, Charts etc

  • So, starting in the top left-hand corner – I’ll click – hold down the click – and drag until all those shapes are surrounded.
  • Shows an invisible box drawn around shapes

  • When I release the click – the shapes are selected!
  • Shapes are all selected

  • I’ll de-select.

What if I want to select all shapes EXCEPT the green square?

Step 2

  • Well, I do the same thing.
  • But what I want you to notice is that my selection is actually going through the green square.
  • Selecting all shapes except one

  • If the selection line touches a shape – it will NOT – select it!
  • So when I release the click – everything – EXCEPT the green square – is selected.
  • All shapes bar one are selected

  • So to select the two arrows that are either side of the circle – I make sure that the arrows are NOT being touched by the selection lines – but equally – I make sure that the circle IS being touched by the selection lines!
  • How to select 2 out of 3 shapes


Thank you for watching and I’ll be back with another useful ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip – next month!

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