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I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that goes: ‘Keep it Simple’.  Well, I’m a great believer in ‘lazy’, which I also believe is another way of saying ‘Keep it Simple’.

  • Once a month – I’ll put up a quick tip, something basic, that will make a difference to you, every day.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I thought my career as a Training Instructor was coming to end about 15 years or so ago.  Everyone is so computer savvy these days, I told myself, that I will become redundant. To my surprise, the opposite happened.

  • When I give training courses in Excel, most users want to know VLOOKUP.
  • When I give training courses in PowerPoint, most users want to create presentations that have the WOW factor.
  • When I give training courses in Word, most users want to know how to update changes automatically.

However, the constant across all courses, is: ‘when it goes wrong, I don’t know how to fix it‘.

Why is this happening?

  • It’s because people don’t have the basics anymore.

Let me give you a (so called!) musical example to help try and explain:

female playing guitar

Many years ago, I learned to play the guitar part to Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Hey Joe’. It was great! I thought I was great!

But, when the guitar went out of tune, I had to ask someone else to tune it for me.

Why? Because I didn’t know the basics, I didn’t really know how to play the guitar, I just learnt that one tune.  (Sadly, my musical career never progressed…)

Basics are the foundation that the rest of our learning is built on.

But I don’t have time for all that,’ I hear you wail!

That’s why we’re going to ‘Keep it Simple‘ and do this ‘the lazy way‘.

  • Did I mention that I’m a great believer in lazy…?

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