PowerPoint Tip – Two Ways to Reorder a List

May has arrived (where is the time going?) and the sun is shining after all the rain of yesterday, so bring on the Summer!
As you know the beginning of May brings on a Bank Holiday (wooohoooooo!), but it also means that it is time for a new ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip. Yaaaay!

This month we’re looking at a PowerPoint Tip showing two ways to reorder a Bulleted list. It will also work on a Numbered list.

You can view the video or follow the (brief) step-by-step shown underneath.

Enjoy and remember: Keep it Simple!

Today we’re looking at PowerPoint.

I have a list of six items and I’m going to show you two ways to reorder this Bulleted list.
1 – using the Mouse
2 – using the Keyboard

NOTE:  It works the same for a Numbered list.

I’ll start by using the Mouse.

Step 1 – Reorder a List Using the Mouse

  • I’ll place the cursor over the last bullet point.

Shows cursor sitting over bullet

  • I’ll click – hold down the click – and drag up.
  • You can see that grey line?

Grey line is highlighted

    • That’s where it goes, when I drop it.

Show the image has been dropped on the page

  • And I’ll drag it back down again – and – drop it.

Isn’t that simple!

Now let’s see how we can do that (simply) by using the keyboard.

Step 2 – Reorder a List Using the Keyboard

  • Now, I don’t need to move the cursor – but I’ll just click into that text – to make sure you can see where my cursor is!

Cursor shown in the last item in the list

  • Now – I’ll hold down the SHIFT + ALT keys together – then I just keep pressing the Up arrow – to move it.

Use SHIFT + ALT + Up Arrow keys

  • I’ll click into a different piece of text.
  • Hold down SHIFT + ALT – then two presses of the Down arrow…

Use SHIFT + ALT + Down Arrow keys


Thank you and I’ll be back with another useful tip – next month!

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