PowerPoint Tip – Ungroup SmartArt

Yes, I’ve added in yet another Tip, this time in PowerPoint, to give you even more to view! I didn’t want any of the programmes to feel left out, so thought I’d better start with one each!

This will be it though, until the beginning of the next month (only a week away!).

  • SmartArt is a built-in graphic that is very easy to place into PowerPoint.  Where people struggle, is if they want to move around elements of the SmartArt.
  • So this tip will show you how we can take apart the elements in a SmartArt graphic – by Ungrouping them.
  • This is a simple tip that will make a difference to you every day in PowerPoint.

You can view the video or follow the step-by-step shown below.

Enjoy and remember: Keep it Simple!


Today we’re looking at PowerPoint and we’re going to see how we can take apart the elements in a SmartArt graphic, by Ungrouping them.

Step 1 – Add the SmartArt Graphic

  • Click on the Insert a SmartArt Grahpic icon – then scroll down.
  • Any graphic will do but I’ll choose this Chevron List.

Image of Selecting SmartArt

  • Then click OK.

Step 2 – Carry out the Ungroup

  • Keep the SmartArt selected then bring the cursor onto the edge of the selection.

Image Selecting the Edge of the SmartArt

  • When the cursor looks like a white arrow – right-clickGroup – and select Ungroup.

Step 3 – Repeat Step 2

Yes, that’s the trick to doing this – repeating Step 2!

  • So – onto the edge again – get the white arrow – right-clickGroup – and select Ungroup.

Image showing Selecting the edge for a second time

Step 4 – Move the Individual Elements

  • We can see that each element is now individually selected.

Image showing each element is individually selected

  • And we must de-select them allbefore we can then pick up each individual element and drag it around.

Image showing dragging a single element

  • And you can see that I can now position them any way that I want, on the slide.


Thank you and I’ll be back with another useful tip – next month!

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  • Knew how to group items in PowerPoint but didn’t realize I could ungroup smartart items- Tnx Kelly

    John Reply

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