Word Tip – Keyboard Shortcut to Delete a Word

Even though a month hasn’t passed, I’m going to add in a couple of extra tips, this one in Word, just so you have a few different tips to get started with.

  • As you type, you’ll generally find that you make typing errors (if you’re anything like me, you’ll do this a lot!).
  • It’s really frustrating, and slow, to have to backspace each and every letter, to fix the error.
  • That’s why I’m giving you this lovely little keyboard tip that will give you a quick way to delete a word, as you are typing.
  • It’s quick and most importantly, it will be one you use constantly and one that you’ll find does make a difference to you, every day.

You can view the video or follow the (brief) step-by-step shown underneath.

Enjoy and remember: Keep it Simple!


Today we’re looking at Word and we’re going to see how we can quickly delete a word, as we type, using a keyboard shortcut.


  1. I’ll move onto a new line to type – so I’ll press the Enter key.
  2. I’ll type: ‘Word – is – a – great’
  3. Now – I want to delete the ‘great’ and use a different word instead.
  4. So rather than backspacing each individual letter – just hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard – and press the Backspace key once – then continue typing!
  5. Easy!

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed that and I’ll be back with another useful tip – next month!


  • Handy tip 👍

    Jason Reply
  • Perfect!

    Roland Reply

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