Word Tip – Quickly Number a Column in a Table

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!

It’s also time for another ‘Keep it Simple’ tip!

We’re starting the year off with a Word tip on Tables and you can view the video or follow the step-by-step shown underneath.

Enjoy and remember: Keep it Simple!

Welcome to the first tip of 2020!

As you can see, I have an empty Table on the page – and a really common thing to do with a Table is to number the first column.

An empty table with the first column highlighted

As in: 1, 2, 3 etc.

But most people type those numbers in.

Instead, to do this quickly,


  • I’ll just highlight that first column.

Table with first column highlighted

  • Then, from the mini-toolbar, I’ll click on the Numbering button.

The Numbering button on the mini-toolbar is highlighted

  • And it’s done!

First Column of the Table is shown with the numberes 1 to 6 in it

  • Easy!

Thank you for watching and I’ll be back with another useful ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip – next month!

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