Word Tip – Use the Calculator in Word

Can you believe it is July already? And now you’ve just discovered that Word has a Calculator!  Life just keeps on getting better! So, a new month also means that it is time for a new ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip. Yaaaay!

You can view the video or follow the (brief) step-by-step shown underneath.

Enjoy and remember: Keep it Simple!


Today we’re looking at Word and we’re going to see how we can access the Calculator in Word, without having to open a separate programme.

Step 1 – Place the Calculator onto the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Right-click on any tab heading.
  • Select – Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

Right-click any tab heading and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar

  • From the Options box – click the down-arrow to the right of Popular Commands.
  • Select – Commands Not in the Ribbon.

Select Commands Not in Ribbon

Everything is in alphabetical order, so scroll down to find Calculate – and it is the first of the ‘C’s‘.

  • Select Calculate.

Select Calculate

  • Press Add to place it onto the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Then click OK.

You can see that it’s barely noticeable up there – but don’t worry about that – as it works just fine!

Picture of Quick Access Toolbar

Step 2 – Use the Calculator

  • Type in: 1234 + 567

Type: 1234+567

  • To calculate the figures – highlight them.

  • Then press the Calculate button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 3 – View the Calculation Result

  • Look down at the Status Bar – in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  • You’ll see that it says: The result of the calculcation is: 1801

Calculation Result

Step 4 – Do it Again!

  • De-select and press Enter.
  • Type in: 10 * 10
  • 10 * 10
  • Highlight it – press the Calculate button.
  • And the Status Bar reads: The result of the calculation is: 100

Result of 2nd calculation


I hope you enjoyed that and I’ll be back again with another useful ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip – next month!

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