PowerPoint Tip – Save a Presentation as a Show

It is August 1st, the sun is shining and we’re heading into a Bank Holiday. Sigh. Can life get much better? Yes, you know it can because I’ve said it before! Because a new month also means that it is time for a new ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip. Yaaaay!

You can view the video or follow the (brief) step-by-step shown underneath.

Enjoy and remember: Keep it Simple!


Today we’re looking at PowerPoint. If you’ve ever been one of a number of people who’ve had to give a Presentation – one after the other – then you’ll probably have been in the situation where – in front of the audience – you’ve had to open your Presentation from the Desktop – which then opens in Normal View.
The audience can see your main slide on the right – and they can see the up-coming slides on the left hand side.
PowerPoint shown in Normal View

Then, to make it worse, they see you making your way to the Slide Show button – before you eventually get into Slide Show View.

You will NEVER need to go through that again!

  1. Have your presentation open – FileSave As.
  2. Instead of saving it as the default – a PowerPoint Presentation – change that to a PowerPoint Show – or – a .ppsx.
  3. I’ll leave mine on the Desktop – and press Save.
  4. I’m completely closing down PowerPoint.
  5. This time, when I double-click my (.ppsx) presentation on the Desktop to open it – it goes straight into Slide Show view – bypassing the Normal View screen!

Showing a Slide in Slide Show View


I hope you enjoyed that and I’ll be back again with another useful ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip – next month!

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