Word Tip – Quickly Insert Columns & Rows into a Table

It is October 1st and it’s looking…sad… outside! But here’s something to help brighten the day – it’s time for another ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip! Yaaay! This month it is Word and we’re looking at how you can very quickly add multiple columns and rows to a table.

You can view the video or follow the step-by-step shown underneath.

Enjoy and remember: Keep it Simple!


Today we’re looking at Word and we’re going to see how we can quickly add in a specified amount of Rows and Columns – to a Table.

On the page, I have a table that contains 8 rows and 4 columns.

Image of an 8 Row by 4 Column Table

I want to add – another 8 rows to the Table.

Add in 8 New Rows

  • To do that quickly – I’ll use the Table Selector to highlight the entire table.

Show the Table Selector in the top left hand corner of the table

  • Then right-click anywhere in the Table

Right clicking in the table to insert new rows

  • Insert – and select – Insert Rows below – which inserts 8 new rows.

Image showing 8 new rows have been added

  • The amount of rows that are inserted – is based on how many rows are selected.
  • So – if I had highlighted only 6 rows – it would have inserted – only 6 rows.
  • To show that – I’ll insert – 2 columns next

Insert 2 Columns

  • I’ll highlight columns 1 and 2.

Image showing the 2 columns to be highlighted

  • Then right-click anywhere in the highlight.
  • Go to Insert – and select – Insert Columns to the Right.

Image showing 2 extra columns added

  • And the 2 new columns are added.
  • Easy!

Thank you for watching and I’ll be back with another useful ‘Keep it Simple‘ tip – next month!

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